Link to Spanish Fork Channel 17

story about Music from the Heart.

Download 020715 Veterans Suicide Prevention Fundraiser





Elks Veterans Service National Veteran Volunteers of the Year


Dan and Mary Alice Johnson (Price #1550)


Civilian Veteran Volunteer of the Year

Geri Lyons (Golden Spike #719)


Presented at UEA State Convention

May 2, 2015 at Cedar City Lodge


Veterans helping veterns event attracts hundreds to Spanish Fork Fairgrounds 01


Link to story about Music from the Heart in the Provo Daily Herald, February 10, 2015





Dedication of Provo Elks Lodge # 849 Veterans Memorial Park

November 8, 2014




Little Warriors Camp held at Camp Wapiti in connection

with Hand in Hand Outdoors, Gunny's Family (American Heroes), Tooele Businesses,

Little Caesars, Dugway Medics, Draper NG and the Home Depot Staff




Elks Veterans Service National Veteran Volunteers of the Year


Frank Robinette (Provo #849) and

Adele Pagnani (Tintic #711)

Presented at UEA State Convention

May 3, 2014 at Tooele Lodge



2nd Annual Ride of Honor

Link to story in Daily Herald, May 13, 2014




American Heroes Project

January 2014

Ice Fishing at Strawberry Reservoir

for Wounded Warriors and Disabled Vets



Payson Chronicle Article about Provo Lodge

Medal Of Honor Presentation on Veterans Day


Payson Chronicle Article about Tintic Lodge ENF Grant





Happy 223rd Birthday!

USCG Birthday Pary Info

August 4, 2013, Layton, Utah




Tintic Lodge # 711 performed the Elks Flag Ceremony

for the Utah Disabled Veterans Fishing Day

at Strawberry Reservoir on Saturday, July 27,2013





Fishing on 6/23/13



Link to story in the Daily Herald on 6/21/13


Hand in Hand Outdoors taking Veterans on Fishing Trips

Thanks to a great group and their generosity.


Hi Bob,

"We were out with 5 vets today thanks to the Elks generosity.

They represented 3 services, army, marines, and  navy.

All are combat veterans from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. All are disabled veterans.

They caught 2 dozen cat fish.

The larger channel cats are in the picture.

I shot some video of them thanking the Elks, but I don't have the software to process it for now.


Every time I have them aboard I explain that the day on the water was made

 possible by the Elks Clubs of Utah and the USO.

They are extremely grateful, as are we here at Hand in Hand Outdoors.

You don't have any idea how your contributions are impacting these men and women.

Please thank all of your members who are making all of this possible.

Warmest regards, Captain Steve Henline Hand in Hand Outdoors LLC"





Ruth Humphries, Vernal Lodge # 2375

National Veteran's Volunteer of the Year 2013

Presented by State Sponsor, Jim Grillo, Veteran's Chair, Bob Pagnani, at UEA

Convention in St. George, April 2013




Second Annual Veteran's Ride of Honor

Sponsored by Utah Elks Association and the

Diamond Fork Riding Club


Explanation of Grand Lodge Veteran Reports




Home Depot Teamed with the Utah Elks Association to build a wheel chair ramp for a Veteran in Tooele.

Thanks to PSP Jim Barnes for making that happen.




Utah Elks Veterans chairman Robert Pagnani and skipper 
Steve Henline of Hand and Hand prepare to take Veterans out fishing on Utah Lake.



Music From the Heart Raises funds for Veteran's Care Center, February 16, 2013


Link to story in the Daily Herald


Article in the Payson Chronicle 2/27/2013






The Vernal Elks Served 83 Local Veterans in Vernal and Roosevelt with

dinner and presents from Santa Claus




Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Look for our next big fund raiser in February.

The first Elk Donation was from the

Provo Lodge Benevolent Trust.

Way to go, Elks.






Cottonwood/Murray Lodge held a spaghetti dinner on November 10, 2012 to honor their Veterans.

The project collected sleeping bags, blankets and pillows and donated over $800 in items.

These items will be distributed to local Veterans.




Utah Elks put on a fund raiser to raise $4000 for the Veterans Home in Payson.
The prize was a 1911 Commemorative Smith and Wesson Pistol.
The goal was reached and Fred Garbett of Eureka won the pistol.
The pistol was presented to him by Robert Pagnani Utah Elks Veterans Chairperson at their Veterans dinner,

Monday night, November 12, 2012.





Utah Elks and Home Depot Team are helping a 36 year Veteran of the Utah National Guard
in West Valley by building him
wheelchair ramps in the front and back of his house.

The five day project will also have new landscaping and a new flagpole out front.

Home Depot Team again stepped up with all the supplies and volunteers from Home Depot and Utah Elks

made this possible. Thanks Home Depot and Past State Elks President Jim Barnes for making this possible.






Link to story at ENF



Check out the Veteran's Wall at Price Lodge!




Gennie "B" Butkovich accepts Certificate of Appreciation to the "Knotty Knitters" for their volunteer

hours creating beanie hats and lap quilts for the Veterans' Home in Salt Lake City.

Certificate presented by Bob Pagnani, UEA Veterans Chairma

at Fall Meeting in September 2012 at Cedar City Lodge.


Utah Elks Veterans Committee and Tintic # 711 helped with this retreat program over July 4th weekend.

I think that it was 12 familes were supported for two nights and three days in Midway







Am sending some of the vets pics from Flag Day.  They all recieved the Tshirt with the flag and I am the Flag of the United States  flyer.  They were all so proud to recieve these!  One of the vets spent some time telling us about his invasions while in the Navy in WW II.  His daughter was at the bedside and confirmed everything he said.  She said the next, the first thing he asked for was to wear his t-shirt, he died that afternoon, wearing his well earned shirt.  She thanked the Elks profusely for making his last 24 hrs. proud in what he did.  Another one had his on and walking down the hall before we got out of another vet's room.
Ruth Humphries, Vernal Lodge




Congrats to the Utah State Veterans Home in Salt Lake City!

Winner of the Home Depot Foundation $25,000 grant for November 2011


To all State Association National Veterans Service Chairpersons


Our office received a request from Captain Michael P Brabner who is the Commander of a unit serving on the front lines in Afghanistan.  He would like to get some creature comforts for his troops, such as DVDs, snacks, and whatever else we can think of. The troops also like to give away coloring books and crayons to the kids in the area to build better relations.  They soldiers seem to have enough personal hygiene products, they actually would prefer some snacks.  


I know that many Lodges, Districts, and State Associations already have programs in place for sending care packages. Many of your packages are probably already earmarked for certain destinations, and we do not wish to detract from  existing programs.


If possible, try to include this troop among those you wish to assist. Captain Brabner is very responsive and will answer any questions you may have. If you have not already taken part in or planned this type of project, send our office an e-mail and we will be glad to assist.



Robert M Hennings, Director

Elks National Veterans Service Commission

BPO Elks

2750 N Lakeview Ave

Chicago, IL  60614


phone: 773-755-4736

fax:       773-755-4737






Presentation of Lap Quilts created by Cedar City Lodge

and $4500.00 donation for new transport cart to the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City on November 9, 2011.



Elk Fundraiser for Transport Carts at the VA Hospital

Check with Veterans Chairman at your Lodge for tickets.





9-11 Ceremony held at Camp Wapiti

September 11, 2011

Link to Prayer given by Dusty France




Scott King, Elk on a mission to bring awareness to Veterans!


Orrin Hatch, Scott King and Bob Pagnani



Scott King at Vernal Lodge



Scott King at Golden Spike Lodge


     Web Site for Contributions to Vietnam Veterans

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